PGI Thrace (ΠΓΕ Θράκη)

The autonomous viticultural zone of PGI Thrace, established in 1997, comprises the districts of Evros, Rodopi and Xanthi which make the independent viticulture region of Thrace. A significant percentage of the people of Thrace are refugees from Eastern Rumelia, Bulgaria, as well as other regions. These people transferred the tradition of viticulture and wine production to the three districts.

Thrace is the smallest and least developed viticultural region of Greece. Its main winegrowing areas are Soufli and the northern part of Evros, Maronia in Rodopi and Avdira in Xanthi. Nevertheless, it has some very characteristic local varieties, such as the reddish Pamidi, the Mavroudi reds, Karlahanas and Bogialamas. Taking into account that the wines of regional PGIs must be produced from grapes within PDO or PGI zones and the fact that Thrace had, until recently, only two small zones (PGI Avdira, PGI Ismaros), it is understood why PGI Thrace wines are the least represented at a regional level and are currently produced by only two wineries. The establishment of PGI Evros (2010) shall probably improve its presence.

Wine types

  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet white
  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet rosé
  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet red