PGI Lesvos (ΠΓΕ Λέσβος)

The PGI Lesvos (ΠΓΕ Λέσβος) zone covers the entire area of the island district of the same name in the northern Aegean. The vineyards must be at altitudes of over 50 m.

The best known and world famous beverage from Lesvos is ouzo, particularly that from the Plomari region. Lesvos is also known for its PGI olive oil and its PDO Ladotyri (hard cheese packed in olive oil). Nevertheless, viticulture has grown significantly over the last several years, initially in the Eressos-Antissa area and then in the areas of Kalloni and Plomari. Lesvos now has a noteworthy wine industry and the PGI Lesvos wine, established in late 2010, gives this production an identity, rendering Lesvos wine equal to other exceptional products made on the third largest Greek island.


White Wines: Athiri, Assyrtiko, Savatiano, Fokiano, Hidιriotiko.

Red Wines: Vaftra, Mandilaria, Fokiano, Hidιriotiko

Rosé wines: from the varieties used in white and red wines.

Wine types
• Dry white, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet
• Dry rosé, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet
• Dry red, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet