PGI Lefkada (ΠΓΕ Λευκάδα)

The PGI Lefkada (ΠΓΕ Λευκάδα) zone (est.2000) comprises the homonymous Ionian island off the western Greek mainland seaboard. The zone has three different and partially overlapping sub-zones -one for each wine color- which make Lefkada a special winegrowing case. The white zone extends on the southern part of the island and the red zone in the center –as is the rose zone but in a smaller and more mountainous area

Lefkada’s varieties add their mite to the island’s winegrowing peculiarities: white Vardea is systematically cultivated in Lefkada only while the red Vertzami one is sporadically found in few other small areas.


White Wines: Vardea
Red Wines: Vertzami, Merlot
Rosé wines: Vertzami, Merlot

Wine types

  • Dry white
  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet rosé
  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet red