PGI Epirus (ΠΓΕ Ήπειρος)

The zone of PGI Epirus, established in 2000, comprises four districts: Arta, Ioannina, Thesprotia and Preveza, which constitute an autonomous viticultural region. Practically, PGI Epirus is represented by the mountainous district of Ioannina which is the most developed of the four, both in terms of viticulture as well as of wine making.

Despite the fact that its coastline is over 200 km, Epirus, the northwestern region, is on the whole mountainous. The most extensive terroirs are in the central part of the district of Ioannina, while systematically cultivated vineyards are found in the areas of Metsovo and north Tzoumerka, at altitudes of about 1100 m -the highest hosting vineyards in the country. The climate is typically continental; it is not a coincidence, therefore, that in Epirus the production of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, such as PDO Zitsa has been traditionally developed. There are three wineries within the zone, all in Ioannina district, which produce wines of PGI Epirus. The wines may be few but they include all the characteristic Epirot varieties, the white Debina and the reds Vlachiko and Bekiari.

Wine types

  • Dry white
  • Medium dry white
  • Medium sweet white – still
  • Semi-sparkling white
  • Sparkling white
  • Dry rosé
  • Medium dry rosé – still
  • Semi-sparkling rosé
  • Dry red