PGI Chios (ΠΓΕ Χίος)

The PGI Chios (ΠΓΕ Χίος)  zone (est.2010) comprises the district of the homonymous island in the eastern Aegean’s central segment. Vineyards must be planted at altitudes exceeding 50m.

In practice, the PGI Chios zone applies solely to the island of Chios since there are no wineries on neighboring Psara or Oenousses. Chios’s main winegrowing area is in the northwestern part of the island and on the slopes of Mount Amani which has given its name to the area around it. Many efforts aim to revive the ancient Ariousios wine, mentioned by Strabo and Athenaeos. Another noteworthy effort on the island involves the development of Agianniotiko, a rare red cultivar of the Central Aegean.


White Wines: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Moschato Aspro, Savatiano.

Red Wines: Agianniotiko, Mandilaria, Fokiano, Chiotiko Krasero.

Wine types

  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet white
  • Dry, medium dry, medium sweet