PDO Muscat of Limnos (ΠΟΠ Μοσχάτος Λήμνου)

The Muscat of Alexandria white grape variety, which yields PDO Muscat of Limnos (ΠΟΠ Μοσχάτος Λήμνου), is extensively cultivated on the homonymous northern Aegean island. The cultivation zone (est.1971) comprises the entire island but the vineyards are located mainly in the central and southern parts, in the areas of Atsiki, Moudros and Nea Koutali, where they are sheltered from the northerly winds.

PDO Muscat of Limnos dessert wines may be either vin naturellement dour (sun-dried grapes) or vin doux naturel – vin de liqueur (fortified). Provided that the grapes used in production come from their own, private vineyards of lower yields per hectare, vintners are allowed to add the indication “grand cru” on the bottle.


Muscat of Alexandria 100%

Wine type

  • Sweet white from sun-dried grapes
  • Sweet white fortified