PDO Sitia

PDO Sitia (ΠΟΠ Σητεία)

The PDO Sitia (ΠΟΠ Σητεία) zone, in the district of Lasithi, Crete, took shape in two stages: The zone for red wines were established in 1971 and is located mainly on the slopes of Lasithi’s northeastern part and the area of Sitia in particular (Sitia, Agios Spyridon, Ahladia, Exo & Mesa Mouliana, Katsidoni, Maronia, Myrsini, Piskokefalo, Sitanos, Skopi, Stavromenos, Tourloti, Hamezi). The white wine zone was established many years later in 1998, is located in approximately the center of the district, on the Lefki Plateau (Ziros, Armeni, Exo & Mesa Apidi, Katelionas, Papayannades, Handras), at an average altitude of 620m and includes land devoted to the cultivation of red grape varieties.

Traditionally the wine grapes of the region of Lasithi were red, mainly those of the Liatiko variety which yielded to the PDO Sitia a smaller bunch with smaller grapes than the Liatiko the PDO Dafnes belongs to did. Systematic cultivation of white varieties began much later: hence the late establishment of the PDO Sitia white wine zone. Yet even now PDO Sitia remains at low levels of production. The combinations of Vilana (which is also blended with the PDO Peza white) with Thrapsathiri and of Liatiko with Mandilaria are unique and interesting and provide the handful of PDO Sitia wines with particular diversity and organoleptic character. Liatiko also produces here excellent, concentrated sweet wines.


For the white wine: Vilana 70%, Thrapsathiri (30%).
For the red wine: Liatiko (minimum 80%), Mandilaria.

For the sweet wine: Liatiko 100%.

Wine types

  • Dry white
  • Dry red
  • Sweet red from sun-dried grapes
  • Sweet red fortified