PDO Samos

PDO Samos (ΠΟΠ Σάμος)

The PDO Samos (ΠΟΠ Σάμος) zone (est.1970), on the homonymous eastern Aegean island, is one of the most beautiful Greek wine zones. Most of the vineyards are on the northern part of the island, in the areas of Vathi (Vathi, Agios Konstantinos, Ambelos, Vourliotes, Kokkari, Manolates, Stavrinides, Hora Samou) and Karlovassi (Karlovassi, Agii Theodori, Kastania, Kondeika, Kontakeika, Kosmadei, Leka, Platanos, Ydroussa). Small parts of the zone are located in the center of the island, in the Pythagorio area, on the northwestern side (Koumadarei, Mavratzei, Mesogio, Pandroso, Pyrgos), on the northern side (Mytilinii), and in the southwestern one (Pagondas, Spatharei).

Muscat White is often referred to as Muscat Samos since the variety is closely associated with the island. Apart from its presence in the PDO Samos, the variety is also found in four other PDO wines (PDO Muscat of Cephalonia, PDO Muscat of Patras, PDO Muscat of Rio Patras and PDO Muscat of Rhodes). Samos, is the only Muscat based PDO where the mention of the Muscat variety is not mandatory as part of its PDO characterisation since ‘Samos’ alone is enough for the wine’s designation.

Muscat vineyards are spread on stone terraces mostly around Karvounis (1,153m), Samos’s central mountain, which is also known as Ambelos, after the homonymous village on its northern side. Sizeable vineyards are also found on the northeastern slopes of Kerki (1,443m), Samos’s western mountain. Until 2016, Samos had had its own particular wine management and the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos used to be the only producer. This cooperative has succeeded in making the sweet wine of Samos the best known Greek wine abroad. Since 2016 both cooperative and private wineries have been active. Dessert wines under the geographical indication of “Samos” have found their way into the international pantheon of excellent sweet wines.

Wines may be either vin naturellement doux (sun-dried grapes), vin doux naturel (vin de liqueur/fortified) or vin doux. For ‘Grand Cru’ vin doux naturel , the fruit comes from exceptional vineyards, lying at an altitude exceeding 400m (1300 ft.)


Muscat  White 100%

Wine type

  • Sweet white from sun-dried grapes
  • Sweet white fortified