PDO Nemea

PDO Nemea (ΠΟΠ Νεμέα)

The PDO Nemea (ΠΟΠ Νεμέα) wine production zone was established in 1971 and it is the only Greek PDO appellation which is spread over two different prefectures.  Most of the vineyard area lies in the south-central part of Korinthia, while a small percentage of land extends in the northwestern part of Argolida. 17 different communes/villages are entitled to make Nemea wines. These are: Aidonia, Ancient Kleones, Ancient Nemea, Asprokambos, Galatas, Dafni, Kastraki, Kefalari, Koutsi, Leontio, Bozika, Nemea, Petri, Titani and Psari in Korinthia and the communes of Gymno and Malandreni in Argolida.

The “Phliasios Oenos”, a renowned wine of antiquity, was produced in the same landlocked area which consists nowadays the region of Nemea. The area is linked to the myth of Hercules and the Nemean Lion, the first out of Hercules’ twelve labors. Hercules was worshipped in the area as this is indicated by the sanctuary that was built to honor him. The local traditions refer to the wine made from Agiorgitiko in the area as the “Hercules Blood”.



PDO Nemea is Greece’s largest PDO zone for red wines and includes a total of 17 villages with significant differences in altitude, soils and orientation. The production zone spreads over a large area, starting from around 200m. altitude and reaching up to 850m. above sea level. The climate of the region is typical Mediterranean, however there are significant variations within the zone due to its size and the difference in altitudes. Unofficially, the zone can be divided into 3 individual sub-zones, based on altitude: The lower part of the region is located at an altitude of 230-450 m, while the semi-mountainous area  450 – 650m above sea level. The third and higher zone is mountainous reaching 850m. The level and the time of ripening and the overall characteristics of the grapes differ, leading to a diversity of wine styles.


Variety/ies: Agiorgitiko

Types of wines

  • Red dry
  • Red semi-sweet
  • Red sweet fortified
  • Red sweet made from dried grapes


Wine styles

According to legislation, PDO Nemea designation applies exclusively to red wines, made from 100% Agiorgitiko. Versatility is a key attribute of Agiorgitiko and leads towards a great array of styles: from fresh and fruity reds, to be consumed young, to more structured and tannic, wines with age worthiness. A classic expression of Agiorgitiko boasts a lovely, red-fruit character, with notes of sweet spices that leads to a consumer-friendly palate with velvety texture and refreshing acidity.

Sweet wines can be also made under the PDO Nemea designation, however there is a limited number of wines in the market.  They are usually concentrated with jammy, red-fruited character and lots of deliciousness.