PDO Naoussa

PDO Naoussa

The largest vineyard of the Xinomavro variety in northern Greece lies in the northwestern part of the district of Imathia, on the southeastern slopes of Mount Vermio (2,052m) and at altitudes ranging from 150m to 450m. It is the PDO Naoussa zone (est.1972), which includes part of the areas of Naoussa (Naoussa, Giannakohori, Stenimahos), Anthemia (Kopanos, Lefkadia, Marina, Polla Nera) and Dovra (Trilofos, Fytia). The zone has rendered the combination of Xinomavro-Naoussa one of the most dynamic and renowned twin sets in the arena of dry red wines of Greece.

Amid a gorgeous natural setting around the picturesque town of Naoussa -the most distinctly Greek city of wine- and overlooking the Gulf of Thermaikos, the city of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki peninsula there lies one of the most significant vineyards of Greece, that of the PDO Naoussa wines. There is no dominant soil type in the area, allowing for vineyards that are a patchwork of limestone, loam, sand and clay. However, organic matter and therefore fertility is low, so yields are naturally restricted. The climate of the area can be described as a cross between Mediterranean and continental influences and vintage variations exist, but not to an extreme degree. Northern winds can be a major inhibiting factor, sometimes resulting in spring frosts in less sheltered vineyards.

This diversity of terrains, altitudes, aspects and soils on the hilly slopes of Mt Vermio result in significant differences between the various vineyards and, thus, allow for the existence of many smaller distinct terroirs. Through the centuries, Naoussa vine growers have observed and then tried to rationalize differences found over the years in wines coming from particular villages in the appellation. so, the notion of “cru” has been established in the mindset of Naoussa producers for several decades and this adds intricacy to an already fascinating region.

Naoussa is a mono-varietal appellation, dedicated entirely to Xinomavro. This is the area where the variety excels and produces some of its best wines, offering amazing depth, breathtaking complexity and possibly the longest ageing potential of any Greek dry red. Several 40-year-old bottles, full of freshness and vivacity, stand as ultimate proof.


Xinomavro 100%

Wine types

  • Dry red
  • Medium-dry red
  • Medium-sweet red