PDO Malvasia Sitia (ΠΟΠ Malvasia Σητείαs)

The PDO Malvasia Sitia (ΠΟΠ Malvasia Σητείας), established in 2011, is located in the perfecture of Lasithi in Crete and comprises the areas of Sitia, Agios Spirydon, Achladia, Exo & Mesa Mouliana, Katsidoni, Maronia, Myrsini, Piskokefalo, Skopi, Stavromenos, Tourloti, Hamezi, Leyki, Ziros, Armeni, Exo & Mesa Apidiou, Papagiannades and Handras. The zone covers mainly mountainous and semi-mountainous areas at an altitude of 300 – 700 metres (approximately 1000-2300 ft). The diversity of soils is noteworthy while the climate is characterised as mediterranean. Due to the intense sunlight and the topography, the produced wines have often high alcohol, while at the same time, because of the proximity to the sea, retain high levels of acidity.

Whether they are produced in Handakas – Candia, or in Rethymno and Sitia, the Malvasian wines of Crete were multivarietal wines from indigenous varieties that used to be traded by the Venetians between the 14th – 17th century, because this sweet style of wine was very popular globally.

PDO Malvasia Sitia includes sweet sundried and sundried fortified white wines, produced from at least 85% Assyrtiko, Thrapsathiri, Athiri and Liatiko and maximum 15% of Muscat of Spinas and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. It is obligatory that PDO Malvasia Sitia wines age for at least 24 months in oak barrels before they are released.



At least 85% Assyrtiko, Athiri, Thrapsathiri and Liatiko and maximum 15% of White Muscat and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica


Wine type

  • White sweet wines from sundried grapes
  • White sweet fortified wines from sundried grapes