PDO Handakas – Candia

The PDO Handakas – Candia (or Candia), established in 2011, is the largest PDO zone of Heraclion, which covers all the district of Heraclion, with the exception of some areas in the southwest and southeast parts. In particular, it includes the areas of Archanes, Kalyvia, Pretoria, Pyrgos, Tefeli, Charaki, Agia Varvara, Agioi Deka, Ampelouzo, Vagiona, Choustouliana, Asimi, Loures, Sokara, Gergeri, Panasos, Gorgolaini, Athanatoi, Gournes, Drakouliaris, Lofoupoli, Semeli, Finikia, Agia Irini, Vlichia, Knosos, Marathiti, Vasilies, Voutes, Daphnes, Skalani, Stavrakia, Paliani, Temenos, Gazi, Kalesi, Krousonas, Astiraki, Gonies, Damasta, Kamariotis, Keramoutsi, Marathos, Moni, Tylissos, Arkalochori, Garipa, Kastelliana, Panorama, Moroni, Zaros, Roufas, Moires, Faistos and Episkopi.

The place name of Ηandakas – Candia are the historic names of the current Heraclion Perfecture.

The altitude in the viticultural zone of PDO Chandakas – Candia, reaches the 700 metres above the sea. The climate, the terrain and the soil composition, play important role to the prevalence of mediterranean micro-climate, characterised by mild winters and cool summers. Those climatic conditions, contribute to the production of high quality wines with distinctive aromas and refreshing acidities.

The most recent appellation for dry wines in Heraklion encompass the general area of all the three classic appellations (Peza, Archanes and Daphnes) of the region. The Handakas–Candia appellation includes dry whites, made from Vilana and up to 15 per cent Assyrtiko, Athiri, Thrapsathiri and Vidiano; and dry reds, made from Mandelaria and Kotsifali.


White: Vilana (at least 85%), Vidiano, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Thrapsathiri

Red: Kotsifali 70%, Mandilaria 30%

Wine types:

  • Dry White Wine
  • Dry Red Wine