PDO Dafnes

PDO Dafnes (ΠΟΠ Δαφνές)

The vineyards of the PDO Dafnes (ΠΟΠ Δαφνές) zone (est.1971) stretch on the western part of the Heraklion district, on the eastern foothills of Mount Psiloritis on Crete (2,456m). The zone includes parts of the areas of Heraklion (Dafnes), Agia Varvara (Agia Varvara; Agios Thomas; Ano Moulia; Douli; Larani; Megali Vrysi; Prinias), Gorgolaini (Agios Myron; Ano Asites; Kato Asites; Pentamodi; Petrokefalo), Paliani (Avgeniki; Venerato; Kerasia; Pyrgos; Siva) and Rouva (Gergeri, Panasos).

PDO Dafnes is the largest of three successive PDO zones (PDO Archanes and PDO Peza being the other two), occupying the northern and central part of the Heraklion region. The Cretan red variety of Liatiko, which is included in the composition of PDO Sitia, has demonstrated tremendous potential with regard to the production of sweet wines. In recent years, many of the area’s wine growers have produced samples of such wines and, in that manner, possibly indicating future trends.

 Liatiko 100%

Wine types

  •   Dry red
  •   Sweet fortified red
  •   Sweet red from sun-dried grapes