PDO Archanes

PDO Archanes (ΠΟΠ Αρχάνες)

The PDO Archanes (ΠΟΠ Αρχάνες) zone (est.1971) lies in the north-central part of the Heraklion district in Crete. One of the region’s three consecutive PDO zones, it is situated in-between the other two. To the east it borders on the PDO Peza zone and to the west on PDO Dafnes. It comprises parts of the areas of Archanes (Ano and Kato Archanes; Vathipetro; Karnari; Patsides), Heraklion (Vasilies; Skalani) and Temenos (Agios Syllas and Profitis Elias).
The boundaries of the PDO Archanes zone begin in an area of historic significance (somewhat farther south of the Knossos archeological site), ending south at Vathipetro where archeological excavations have brought to light one of the oldest Minoan (2nd millennium BC) wine presses on Crete. Towering in the center of the zone is Mount Yuhtas (811m) which was considered sacred ground in antiquity. The PDO Archanes zone is not as developed as its neighboring Peza zone. Although of the same varietal composition as the PDO Peza red, the area’s red wines, due to their higher content of the Mandilaria variety have definitely distinct  characteristics.


Kotsifali, Mandilari (Mandilaria).

Wine type

  •   Dry red