PDO Anchialos (ΠΟΠ Αγχίαλος)

The PDO Anchialos (ΠΟΠ Αγχίαλος) zone (est.1971), characterized by low hilly terrain, lies west and northwest of Pagasitikos Gulf in the district of Magnissia, Thessalia region. It is mainly concentrated around the town of Nea Anchialos (Nea Anchialos, Aidini, Mikrothives) and to a lesser degree near  Almyros (Krokio).

Winegrowing in the area was developed by the refugees from Asia Minor who settled mostly in Nea Anchialos and the villages of Aidini, Kastraki and Mikrothives, where most of the vineyards are still located. Roditis is a variety widely planted throughout Greece. It has numerous clones and a number of different names. Besides the PDO Anchialos blend, it is also found in PDO Patras and PDO Slopes of Meliton. Savatiano is widespread in eastern Central Greece (Attiki, Viotia, and Evia).


Roditis (80% minimum), Savatiano.

Wine type

  • Dry white
  • Medium dry white
  • Medium sweet white