The two most comprehensive and significant wine exhibitions in Greece are Oenorama and Dionyssia. Oenorama was held for the first time in 1994 and Dionyssia in 2000. The two events, held in Athens, rotate in February or March, with Dionyssia held on odd years and Oenorama on even ones. Both are organized by Vinetum, the wine communications company. Oenorama is the sector’s only professional exhibition (wine lovers are welcome), displaying wines from all over Greece and from abroad. The exhibition includes winegrowing and winemaking equipment and supplies. Dionyssia is a wine exhibition exclusively geared towards consumers and displays Greek and imported wines.

The Circle of Greek Wine Writers

The Circle of Greek Wine Writers (ELDIN) was established in 1994 and, today, numbers 31 members who regularly write about wine. The circle includes journalists who are considered pioneers in the writing on Greek wine and culinary issues, as well as younger journalists and wine writers. ELDIN’s key goal is the systematic support of Greek wine through independent information and education disseminated to consumers, the end-users.