For more than half a millennium (approximately 1200-1800), Malvasias oenos, was the most famous wine. It had been named after Monemvasia (a.k.a Malvasia), the port of southeastern Peloponnese. On and off and depending on the time period, Malvasias was not produced only in Monemvasia, but in Crete and such Cycladic islands as Paros and Santorini as well. It was a sweet, straw wine or vin liastos which was made from a blend of varieties, and gave its name to many others. Laden with that famous wine and starting at the port of Monemvasia, Venetian, Genoese, British, French and German ships would set sail for western Europe to distribute their precious cargo. Malvasias oenos was much sought after by the European aristocracy, among which it had devoted fans.