Meager in quantities yet first-rate in quality, the sweet wine bearing the “Muscat of Rio Patras” appellation comes from semi-mountainous vineyards found over Rio, Achaia. The small-berried white Muscat takes advantage of the rainfall and the cool summers while the grapes’ desiccation fortifies even further the attributes of this unique Peloponnesian terroir.

The resulting award-winning PDO Muscat of Rio Patras dessert wines thrill with their aromatic depth, their lingering taste, and their excellent acidity and superb complexity, meeting the expectations of any wine connoisseur and justifying their coveted place on any gastronomic “Grande Table.” What is more, due to their limited production, bottles of Muscat of Rio Patras wine have become the jewel in the treasure hunt for wine and are worth every bit of the effort required to acquire them!