Cultivation of the white Muscat variety on Rhodes, the island of the knights, is certainly limited when compared to the cultivation taking place on other Aegean islands. However, Rhodes has its own PDO zone and offers interesting versions of that grape variety in the form of dessert wines which, if within that wine type, bear the “Muscat of Rhodes” indication.

In producing PDO Muscat of Rhodes wines, in addition to using white Muscat, it is also permitted to use the Italian-born Muscat of Trani which is a clone of the Muscat planted on Rhodes. Although this clone is akin to the small-berried Muscat, the resulting limited batch of wine bearing the Muscat of Rhodes label is sensorially closer to the style of wines produced on Lemnos (PDO Muscat of Lemnos), its aromas evoking fresh herbs and its taste light and refreshing.