Its wine is said to date as far back as the times when it was used to quench the thirst of the Achaeans during the Trojan War. Yet even now Lemnos—its wines bearing the “ PDO Muscat of Limnos” (ΠΟΠ Μοσχάτος Λήμνου) indication—and the fame its wines have acquired remain the way they were then: unchanged. The arid climate and the volcanic soil assist in maturing to perfection the large berries of the Muscat of Alexandrias grape variety which today occupies the largest percentage of Lemnos vineyards, making the island one of the predominant Greek locations producing sweet wines.

The island’s winemaking cooperative, together with the visionary  private winemakers, add wine-derived alcohol during or not long after the high-alcohol must fermentation. They also avoid the use of barrels when vinifying the sweet PDO Muscat of Limnos wines. All of these steps lead to the tranquilly aromatic and flavorful character of the sweet Muscat of Limnos wines that exude hints of apricot, mint, and spearmint. The mild-mannered way in which these wines express themselves allows for interesting forays into exotic cuisines, making a perfect match, for instance, with foie gras or a myriad of light desserts. Yet, even when served on its own, a well-chilled Muscat of Limnos wine promises spirited fun, a chance to journey through thousands of years of historied winemaking embodied in the vibrant new wines of Greece. This is a wine addressed to a great range of wine lovers with newcomers and connoisseurs alike sure to be won over at the first sip!