The PDO Muscat of Cephalonia zone—with its eponymous sweet white wines which come from the Muscat variety planted on the island—was once threatened with extinction just as the island’s corresponding red wines were (PDO Mavrodaphne of Cephalonia). Nevertheless, in recent years, Cephalonia has returned to the position of offering its rare dessert wines bearing the “Muscat of Cephalonia” appellation and produced from grapes yielded by the small-berried clone of the white Muscat variety.

The grapes harvested from the Cephalonia vineyards located on the western part of the island are sun-dried (or “liasta” grapes) so that they may be allowed to desiccate and concentrate before vinification. As a result, the new, and therefore unexplored, resurgence of sweet Muscat of Cephalonia wine shows strength and an attractive, honeyed character.