Even if the wine is excellent, bottling is what secures that it will stay such for long (sometimes for a very long time), find its way to the consumer’s glass and leave him with a happy palate. The hot climate conditions in Greece dictate special care during bottling or, more correctly, innovations in bottling without regard to cost. Greek wineries are equipped with ultra-modern bottling lines of big capacities which ensure the proper sanitation of the bottles and the total absence of oxygen from the final product. They thus secure, as much as possible, the same and stable characteristics for each bottle of the same wine. Depending on the type of wine, all modern means are used in corking, including natural corks, synthetic, screwed and glass stoppers, while bottles of imposing shapes add prestige and uniqueness. The labels of the new wines of Greece combine the austere character of the old wine world with the playful approach of the labels of the new, reflecting this unique mixture of European character and modern taste offered by Greek wines. Last in the production chain -but not in the care taken, packaging reflects the ecological awareness of Greek wine-making and has earned vintners awards in important innovation competitions with pioneering ideas such as the one for its re-use.