The newer generation of Greek oenologists and winegrowers is continuing to spread its wings wider, conquering new domains for Greek wine. They are the Greek winegrowers of tomorrow who have enriched their vision by traveling to faraway wineries all over the world. They have acquainted themeselves with the practices applied in countries with climatic conditions closer to those of Greece than those of the French wine metropolises. Such practices as the retaining of grape skin during pre-fermentation – now widely applied in the white Greek vinifications- improve the characteristics of the wines and further strengthening the unique character of modern Greek wines.

The Greek winegrowers of tomorrow, the new generation of oenologists- winegrowers, is evidently not averse to risk-taking. Dedication to the good grape, vinifications with the use of local yeasts, the use of wooden winemakers, the extended stay in the lees, the minimization of filtering, modern screwed caps and many other features are only some of the actions that include oenological or commercial risk. They are necessary, though, so that the new wines of Greece may transfer the aromas and the tastes of the Greek terroirs intact and strong.