An important aspect that reinforces the unique proposal of the Wines of Greece is their excellent value. They will never be cheap— cheap enough to compete at the bottom end of the market—but their top quality makes them an outstanding value-for-money option. There is a large number of Greek wines that, if produced in other more established countries, would certainly cost twice or three times as much. In many markets, numerous wines fetch very high prices, but it is their image and marketing strategy that allow these prices to be viable, not necessarily their quality. Greek wine producers, however, are closely linked with the Greek market, a fact that obliges them on most occasions to be more realistic in their pricing policies. Every dollar, pound or euro spent on Wines of Greece guarantees more character, more individuality and intrinsic quality per glass consumed.

The profile of the Wines of Greece turns them into an important tool for wine professionals. It is not likely that Greek wine brands will dominate sales in main export markets, selling millions of cases a year, since they are produced in small quantities. They are, however, some of the best value-for-money buys in the world market today. This is why, along with great quality and affordability, these wines are an inspirational, truly different proposal, based on unique attributes. They are a superb source of enjoyment for people, be they wine professionals or not, who are offended by blandness and who understand the need for diversity. Greek wine has been made to meet that need since long, long ago.