The Wines of Greece are truly European. This is not just an issue of provenance but a matter relating to style and quality. They are a part of the premier European wine league and in terms of quality they belong to the same class as Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Austrian wines. They are wines expressive of their distinctive and historic terroirs, bearing all the hallmark characteristics of their Old World provenance. Hence, they are a must-try for all people wishing to explore and taste the wines of the essential vineyards, the grand terroirs of the world.

Wine production is an agricultural business that demands time. Generations are needed to identify the blessed spots of a region, to evaluate a grape variety and the optimum vineyard sites for it. A prerequisite for such a task is small scale production patterns, in order to deal with the irregularities inherent to a vineyard. European wine producers use both their heritage and experience to fully exploit their quality potential, making wines full of individuality.

At the same time, Greek wines are unquestionably wines of today, reflecting Greece’s contemporary winegrowing and winemaking processes. The Wines of Greece are not only uncommon, breaking the mainstream wine routine, but they are rare in nature; they are produced by unique and finite terroirs that determine a limited production potential.