With wine production increasingly concentrated in bigger units, soon came the moment when the most ambitious oenologists proceded to set up their own wineries, becoming established winegrowers.

Focusing on wines of restricted production, these pioneers would not spare hard work and cost  to achieve the best possible quality. With a lighter pressing of the grapes, they sacrificed part of the quantity but collected excellent juice. The cooled tanks protected the sensitive aromas during fermentation, while the use of cultivated yeast secured control and certainty. Maturation was undertaken by oak barrels which were replaced quite frequently, contributing to the character and sanitation of the high quality Greek wines. Attention to detail also reached the bottle. Modern bottling equipment and corks of top quality ensure – along with the perfection of the wine stabilization methods-  that the wealth of Greek vineyards reaches glasses in the best possible condition -the result of the efforts of the veteran, established winegrowers.