Lots of excellent Greek wine flowed through winery ditches before finding its way into the glasses of diners all around the world, mainly thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic Greek winegrowers. New Greek wines are surely a great deal different from those of antiquity which could be diluted with salted water and enriched with thyme, mint, cinnamon, honey or raisin, but the dedication to tradition and the concept of terroir has remained unchanged in Greece through time. Thus, the new wines of Greece are as unique as their predecessors, having retained unchanged the principles of yesterday, enriching and complementing them in an ideal way with the most modern methods and creating a unique blend.

The excellent native varietals of Greek vineyards offer a unique kaleidoscope of aromas and tastes that can excite any wine lover, just like the enthusiastic Greek winegrowers, or the most demanding of connoiseurs who annually award them a spate of prizes and distinctions in the most demanding competitions around the world.

In a country, such as Greece, where viticulture and vinification have been known for several millennia and designations of origin preceded even French ones by about two thousand years, it might seem strange that there is still enthusiasm about wine production… Nevertheless, the enthusiastic Greek winegrowers have not lost even a particle of their passion for wine.

To be sure, the rebound of Greek wines is not coinicidental. From time to time since the golden antiquity, the Greek vineyard suffered a range of afflictments – from foreign occupation to phylloxera- and as a result its wines from leaders on the international wine stage became extras. But Greeks could not be easily estranged from good wine and when the conditions allowed it, the new wines of Greece showed again a dynamic presence! Nowadays, with their performance and unique character, they have earned a deserved place on the table and cellar of every demanding oenophile who knows and looks for something different, rare and distinct. This, however, required gifted people who combined their long experience with fresh ideas and many decades of hard work. These people are the keen and enthusiastic Greek winegrowers, who sometimes are viticulturists themselves and have built  this impressive edifice of new Greek wines from the vineyard to the bottle.