Greece is blessed with an amazing array of distinctive and unique terroirs. The alternation of mountains and the countless kilometers of coast create a varied combination of altitudes, different mesoclimates, orientations, inclinations, aspects and soils. Within a single region there might be several different available terroirs.

Greek wine is very distinct and is able to transfer you to the place of its production. Overlooking the gulf of Patras from an altitude of 1000m, feeling the breeze inside the vineyard, and tasting a glass of Roditis from PGI Slopes of Aigialia (ΠΓΕ Πλαγιές Αιγιαλείας) or PDO Patra (ΠΟΠ Πάτρα), you will feel the energy and the coldness of the place. The wine bursts with freshness and acidity, a strong identity of its high-altitude terroir and a connection to the rugged and mountainous “alpine” climate of the Aigialia Slopes. A PDO Naoussa (ΠΟΠ Νάουσα) or a PDO Amyndeon (ΠΟΠ Αμύνταιο) from Northern Greece are the ultimate expressions of the noble Xinomavro grape, but each has a different personality that links to the specifics of these amazing geographical designations. The elegance and floral character of Amyndeon’s lighter soils and cooler climate against Naoussa’s powerful and tannic character as a result of its warmer and heavier soils terroir. Not many other places around the world are able to transmit the message of terroir in such a transparent way.

But we shouldn’t forget that great wine isn’t just the result of a great terroir. It also conscientious viticulture and people that are willing to respect their traditions and land. And there is no terroir without a man behind trying to convert what nature can give to an authentic wine that is able to express its place of origin and the winemaker’s vision. Echoing the diverse topography of a nation like Greece, that contrasts the imposing mountains of mainland Greece with the seaside or inland vineyards of the sun-drenched islands, the wine scene has a gloriously varied mix of styles. And the PDO and PGI wines of Greece celebrate that diversity.