Biodynamic farming preparations play a fundamental role in biodynamic farming—both the method of preparation and the dosage of the preparation given to the plants require a high level of precision.

The preparations basically consist of manure in a horn (preparation 500) and crushed powdered quartz in a horn (preparation 501).

Biodynamic farming preparations made in this manner revive the soil and root system and give more air to plants.

There are five additional biodynamic farming preparations which have been assimilated by compost (natural fertilizer) into either an extract or a juice. There is also the M.T. compost—Maria Thun—which contains these preparations. They all can be traced back to the following herbs:

  • Achillea millefoliumy—arrow blossoms (preparation 502)
  • Chamomile (preparation 503)
  • Stinging nettle (preparation 504)
  • Oak bark (preparation 505)
  • Taraxacum—chicory, mountainous endives or wild endives (preparation 506)
  • Valerian flower juice (preparation 507)

Finally, apart from the biodynamic farming preparations, biodynamic farming uses antagonistic organisms to ward off harmful pests (insects, predator mites, bacillus etc), just as in organic farming.